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Website Valuation Report

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Improving Web Property Value

Website Valuation Report

The report uses 100's of millions of domain and website data points driven through a full end-to-end advanced analytics engine and report generator.

The result is a 16 page report that provides a unique, credible and valuable snapshot of how the market views your monetized domains and websites.


Instant Results - Why wait when you can have your website valuated in seconds?

Credibilty - Your valuation is based on the top 5 performance criteria and variables; no more guesswork, no more wheel spinning or wondering where the profit lies. Your valuation is based on solid research, facts, statistics and comparables; not opinions, not baseless assumptions that have no place in the real market.

Comprehensive - A 16 page report that delivers a detailed assessment of your monetized domain or website property business.

"Improving Web Property Value" Guide

Whether you're buying, selling, or improving a website property, the 42 page guide gives you a SIGNIFICANT COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

A comprehensive and detailed roadmap to success in an easy to use step-by-step format.

You'll Learn:

Discover what search engines want

How to increase page views depth.

How to increase visitors and conversion rates.

How to increase income through; increased advertising revenue, creating multiple streams of revenue and initiating affiliate sales.

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